...about the South Shore Circus Concert Band...

Sverre Braathen, Madison, Wisconsin (Nationally known circus music critic) - It is one of the best band march albums I have in my collection .....

Rev. John Hottel, Hazard, Kentucky (Circus music collector) I have 15 albums of circus music in my library .... This is the best album I have ever heard.

Robert Weiss, Troy, New York (Musician- Bandmaster) I have Sounds Of The Circus .... It's great.

H. G. McClellan, Fort Walters Beach, Florida (Former musician with King Bros. Circus Band) - It is just simply marvelous, Just grand.

Robert Kitchen, Fall River, Mass. (President Father Ed Sullivan Tent, CIRCUS FANS OF AMERICA) - I would like to congratulate you on what I consider to be one of the finest recordings of circus music ever.

Ed Tracy, Newport, Rhode Island (Secretary- treasurer of the Carl Hagenbeck Ring of Circus Model Builders) - It is one of the finest...... You and your band sure deserve much credit for all the effort that went into this piece of work.

Percy Turner, San Diego, California (Owner of Turner Bros. Circus) - The recordings are excellent.... Thank you also for permission to use the music in conjunction with my circus.

Chuck Burnes, Anaheim, California (Producing clown with Disney On Parade) One of the best circus albums I have ever heard in my 25 years in show business.

Gene Plowden, Miami, Florida (Writer-Author of _Merle Evans - Maestro of the Circus_) An excellent collection of circus marches...... The real circus flavor is here for pure enjoyment.

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