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SOUNDS OF THE CIRCUS, Circus Marches, South Shore Concert Band, Richard Whitmarsh, Conductor, Whitmarsh Recordings, Volume 8, SOTC208, in both cassette and CD Formats. May be purchased from Whitmarsh Recordings, P.O. Box 357 E. Bridgewater, Mass. 02333.

Windjammer Richard Whitmarsh and his band have come up with a winning recording that is sure to receive wide acclaim from all lovers of true circus music, played at Big Top tempos without any hokum or extraneous selections of the types found in a number of attempts to record "circus music"

The band of 20-25 members, produces the traditional sound of big circus bands of bygone days, each member pulling his own weight, with few if any "clams". The recording includes marches seldom, if ever recorded, and constitutes a veritable treasury of echoes from the center ring that will make this disc the prize of any windjammer. Included are "Salute to the Sultan" by Lawrence (King); "Stop It" by Kaufman; "Northwind" by Chambers; "Mediterranean" by Hughes; "Radio Waves", "Circusdom", "Old Circus Band" all by Jewell; "Yankee Robinson" by Huffer; "Merle's Symphonia" and several other favorites of the same genre.

In addition to the great choice of marches and the musicianship displayed in the recording, mention must be made of the tempos which are the "Real McCoy". To hear Fred Jewell's Grade 4 and 5 marches taken at tempos between 162 and 180 without hesitation is indeed a rare treat!

This recording, which is one of the best made since those made 50 or 60 years ago by Merle Evans and the Ringling Band, is a "must" for all collectors of circus music.