1. Kiefer's Special (Kiefer)
  2. Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (Goodwin)
  3. Thunderbolt Galop (Huffer)
  4. Aguero (Franco)
  5. Invercargill (Lithgow)
  6. Big Top (Tiomkin)
  7. Valse Bleue (Margis)
  8. Smearin' Trombone No. 2 (Farshee)
  9. Circus On Parade (Rodgers)
  10. Knights of the Road (Huffer)
  11. Marche Indienne (Sellenick)
  12. Honey Boys on Parade (Cupero)
  13. High Ridin' (Paulson)
  14. Marche Russe (Ganne)
  15. Whip and Spur Galop (Allen)
  16. March Arabia (Buck)
  17. Smiler Rag (Weinrich)
  18. Salute to King Bros. (Brown)

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Sounds of The Circus