1. Out Of The East (Rosey)
  2. Go Galop (Huff)
  3. Red Rhythm Valley (Hill)
  4. Spring, Beautiful Spring Waltz (Lincke)
  5. Persian March (Strauss)
  6. Sweetness Rag (Woods)
  7. Morena (Moral)
  8. The Whip (Holzmann)
  9. Downie Bros. Triumphal (Cline)
  10. Sounds From The Harem (Duble)
  11. C. F. A. March (Evans)
  12. Grandpa's Spells (Morton)
  13. Aviation Tournament (King)
  14. Sliding Jim (Losey)
  15. Con Celerita Galop (Richards)
  16. National Press Club (Fillmore)

Available through order form mail order from Whitmarsh Recordings.

Sounds of The Circus