1. Charlie Chaplin Walk (Wolfson/Warrington)
  2. March To Mecca (Jewell)
  3. Slim Trombone (Fillmore)
  4. Rose Ballet Dance Galop (Chambers)
  5. Among the Roses Waltz (Barnhouse)
  6. Steeplechase Galop (Alexander)
  7. Aba Daba Honeymoon (Fields/Donovan)
  8. Wizard Of The West (Duble)
  9. Shangri-La (Malneck/Maxwell)
  10. Amparito Roca (Texidor)
  11. Step On It! (King)
  12. Himalya (Henry/Onivas)
  13. Prestissimo Galop (King)
  14. Trombone King (King)
  15. Espana Waltz (Waldteufel)
  16. Muskat Ramble (Ory)
  17. Idaho (Barnhouse)
  18. Storming Of El Caney March (Alexander)
  19. On The Square (Panella)

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Sounds of The Circus