1. Hawaii Five-O (Stevens)
  2. Wall Street Rag (Coleman)
  3. Poet And Peasant Overture (vonSuppé)
  4. Carioca (Youmans)
  5. Long Run Galop (Weidt)
  6. Hey, Look Me Over (Leigh/Coleman)
  7. Waltzes From Sari (Kalman)
  8. If My Friends Could See Me Now (Coleman)
  9. Feature (Hughes)
  10. 12th Street Rag (Bowman)
  11. I Love A Parade (Arlen)
  12. March Of The Toys (Herbert)
  13. Big Time Boogie (Moffitt)
  14. Consider Yourself (Bart)
  15. March Of The Mannikins (Onivas)
  16. Chieftain (Barnard)
  17. Golliwog's Cakewalk (Debussy)
  18. Amapola (Lacalle)
  19. Knightsbridge March (Coates)
  20. That's Entertainment (Schwartz)

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Sounds of The Circus