1. Evans' Triumphal (Storm)
  2. Fowl Play (Wechter)
  3. El Campo (Jewell)
  4. Cuban Pete (Norman)
  5. Meteor Galop (Richards)
  6. Midnight In Paris (Conrad)
  7. Fascination (Marchetti)
  8. Honolulu Rag (Van Alstyne)
  9. Jungle Drums (Lecuona)
  10. Dear World (Herman)
  11. Before The Parade Passes By (Herman)
  12. Shadow Waltz (Dubin/Warren)
  13. Bones Trombone (Fillmore)
  14. Winter Sports Galop (Holmes)
  15. Georgia Girl (King)
  16. Big Brass Band From Brazil (Sigman)
  17. Wedding Of The Painted Doll (Brown)
  18. Perfidia (Dominguez)
  19. Goody Goody (DeSylva/Brown/Henderson)
  20. Gentry Entry (Huffer)

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Sounds of The Circus