1. Strike Up The Band (Gershwin)
  2. Speedway Galop (Richards)
  3. Afghanistan (Mackie)
  4. Comandante (Guentzel)
  5. In Old Portugal (King)
  6. Birth Of The Blues (Henderson/DeSylva/Brown)
  7. Melancholy Serenade (Gleason/ arr. D'Angelo)
  8. Hydrophobia (Holmes)
  9. Maria Elena (Barcelata)
  10. On The Hudson (Goldman)
  11. Poinciana (Simon)
  12. March Of The Musketeers (Friml)
  13. Enchanted Night (King)
  14. Hallelujah (Youmans)
  15. Sir Henry (King)
  16. Ballyhoo (Lavalle)
  17. Jewell (Mutchler)
  18. March Of The Siamese (Lincke)
  19. Show Boy (Huff)

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Sounds of The Circus