1. Gillette Look Sharp (Merrick)
  2. El Matador (Carazo)
  3. South America, Take It Away (Rome)
  4. Roses Of Memory (Jewell)
  5. Al-Fresco (Casto)
  6. Slick Slide (Huffer)
  7. It's Today (Herman)
  8. Hippodrome (Huff)
  9. If I Had A Dream (Bundy)
  10. Valencia (Padilla)
  11. Espana Cani (Marquina)
  12. Miss Frenchy Brown (Coleman)
  13. Alpine Sunset (King)
  14. Old Berlin (vonBlon)
  15. Poor Butterfly (Hubbell)
  16. Song Of The Vagabonds (Friml)
  17. They're Off (Mancini)
  18. Gloria (Losey)

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Sounds of The Circus