1. Silver Jubilee (Fradeneck)
  2. Bacchanale (Saint-Saens)
  3. Yackety Sax (Randolph)
  4. Visalia Galop (Richards)
  5. Asia Minor (Cobb)
  6. Hi, Neighbor! (Owens)
  7. Bolo Rag (Gumble)
  8. El Toro (Noris)
  9. Green Eyes (Menendez)
  10. El Rancho Grande (Uranga)
  11. Smeary Ike (Losey)
  12. King Of The Air (Melson)
  13. La Cucaracha (Tailor)
  14. Everything I Have Is Yours (Lane)
  15. That's A Plenty (Pollack)
  16. Havana Heaven (Dostal)
  17. Fine And Dandy (Swift/James)
  18. Let Me Entertain You (Styne)
  19. Imperator (Vandercook)

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Sounds of The Circus