1. White Tiger Fanfare (Arr. Rosio)
  2. Washington Grays (Grafulla)
  3. Over The Waves (Rosas)
  4. Majestic Galop (King) come-down
  5. High Speed bows
  6. Procession Of The Sardar (Ippolitov-Ivanov)
  7. Girl Of Eagle Ranch (English)
  8. Sally Trombone (Fillmore)
  9. Puppet On A String (Martin / Coulter)
  10. Ham Trombone (Fillmore)
  11. Beyond The Blue Horizon (Whiting / Harling)
  12. Regimental Youngsters (Fucik)
  13. Crimson Petal (Jewell)
  14. Boss Trombone (Fillmore)
  15. E Pluribus Unum (Jewell)
  16. March Of The Grenadiers (Schertzinger)
  17. Creole Belles (Lampe)
  18. My Silent Love (Heyman / Suesse)
  19. Bozo's Song (May)
  20. Lawsy Massy (Jewell)
  21. Buttons And Bows (Livingston / Evans)
  22. Under The Big Top (Storm)

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Sounds of The Circus