1. Hagenbeck-Wallace Grand Entry (Storm)
  2. Caesar's Triumphal (Mitchell)
  3. Crescent City (Lopez)
  4. Al G. Barnes Grand Entree (Post)
  5. Cole Bros. Grand Entry (Freiburger)
  6. Ringling's Grand Entree (Duble)
  7. Grande Entree (Vandercook)
  8. Gentry Entry (Huffer)
  9. Glory Of The Trumpets (Brockenshire)
  10. Sells-Floto Triumphal (King)
  11. Jewell's Triumphal (English)
  12. Harper Joy's Triumphal (Post)
  13. Downie Bros. Triumphal (Cline)
  14. Evans' Triumphal (Storm)
  15. Gentry's Triumphal (Jewell)
  16. Robbin's Bros. Triumphal (Gilson)
  17. Ringling Bros. Grand Entry (Sweet) Sounds of The Circus
  18. Robinson's Grand Entree (King)
  19. Garland Entree (King)
  20. Bennet's Triumphal (Ribble)
  21. Gollmar Bros. Triumphal (Huffer)

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