1. Old Glory Triumphant (Duble)
  2. Destiny Waltz (Baynes)
  3. March Of The Slide Trombones (Scott)
  4. Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Friend/Franklin)
  5. Marche Slave (Tschaikowsky)
  6. Salaam Temple On Parade (Basile)
  7. Gold And Silver Waltz (Lehar)
  8. In The Sudan (Sebek)
  9. Midnight In Moscow (Ball)
  10. Stout Hearted Men (Romberg)
  11. Shriner's Parade (De Luca)
  12. Thunder And Lightning (Strauss)
  13. Egyptia (Olman)
  14. Give My Regards To Broadway (Cohan)
  15. Police Parade (Lincke)
  16. Wonderful One (Terriss/Whiteman/Grofe/Neilan)
  17. Moonlight Becomes You (VanHeusen/Burke) Sounds of The Circus
  18. Woodpecker Song (Adamson/Bruno DiLazzaro)
  19. Tehama Temple (Eisenberg)
  20. I Got Rhythm (Gershwin)
  21. Culinary King (English)

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