1. Illustrious Potentate (Verweire)
  2. Alley Cat (Bjorn)
  3. New Corn Palace (King)
  4. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (Grieg)
  5. Merry Widow Waltz (Lehar)
  6. Pageant Of Progress (Jewell)
  7. Noisy Neighbors (Lincoln)
  8. Mister Sandman (Ballard)
  9. El Merito (Jewell)
  10. Be A Clown (Porter)
  11. April In Portugal (Ferrao)
  12. Moonlight Serenade (Miller)
  13. Soldiers Of Fortune (Pryor)
  14. Hava Nagila (Ortone)
  15. Godfather (Rota)
  16. Anything Goes (Porter)
  17. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (Berlin) Sounds of The Circus
  18. Hello, Dolly! (Herman)
  19. Strangers In The Night (Kaemphert)
  20. Gladiators' Farewell (Blankenburg)
  21. Peg O' My Heart (Fisher)
  22. Mame (Herman)
  23. Schiref (Verweire)

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