VOLUME Forty One DVD Video
  1. Macys Parade 2002
    This section was made by award-winning documentarian/videographer Bruce Johnson, who captured all those interesting moments you never see on a network show - and is acknowledged to be the finest documentary ever made of an antique circus bandwagon in a modern day parade
  2. Clyde Beatty Circus 1983
    The South Shore Circus Concert Band at the Clyde Beatty Circus playing a full center ring concert (actually in ring 3) of up-tempo circus favorites from the moment the doors open. This is real Americana as it happens. Relaxed - unrehearsed - no scripts - cotton candy - balloons - soft drinks - sno cones - peanuts - popcorn and truly all the "Sounds of the Circus" with a full 34-piece band. Hear Bennet's Triumphal, Royal Decree, Quality Plus, Transcontinental, Ringling Bros. Grand Entry, Circus Bee and Radio Waves at a breathtaking 175 bpm plus Burr's Triumphal at 160 bpm and Thunder and Blazes, Caravan Club and the Squealer at 150 bpm.
  3. Carson & Barnes Circus 1985
    A few minutes of a preshow concert in front of the Carson and Barnes Top at the Milwaukee Great Circus Parade.
  4. Kelly Miller Circus 2008
    A 24 minute preshow concert at the Kelly-Miller Circus at Berkley, Massachusetts with four tigers only a few feet from the band.

  5. Available through order form mail order from Whitmarsh Recordings.