VOLUME Forty Two
  1. Outlook (Jewell)
  2. Man With The Golden Arm (Bernstein)
  3. Orpheus In The Underworld (Offenbach)
  4. Rise 'N' Shine (Youmans)
    a. Rise 'N' Shine (Youmans)
    b. I Want To Be Happy (Youmans)
    c. I Know That You Know (Youmans)
    d. Hallelujah! (Youmans)
  5. Skaters Waltz (Waldteufel)
  6. Music To Watch Girls By (Ramin)
  7. Blue Tango (Anderson)
  8. Alabama Jubilee (Cobb)
  9. Spanish Flea (Wechter)
  10. Inflexible (Sweet)
  11. Cruising Down The River (Beadell/Tollerton)
  12. Singin' In The Rain (Freed/Brown)
  13. Champagne Waltz (Conrad/Oakland/Drake)
  14. My Pony Boy (O'Donnell)
  15. Melody Of Love (Glazer/Engelmann)
  16. Third Man Theme (Karas)
  17. Tijuana Taxi (Coleman) Sounds of The Circus
  18. American Red Cross (Panella)

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