VOLUME Forty Four
  1. Battle Royal (Jewell)
  2. Asia Minor (Cobb)
  3. Salute To The Sultan (Lawrence)
  4. Broken China (Cobb)
  5. Algeria (King)
  6. Caravan (Ellington/Tizol)
  7. War March Of The Tartars (King)
  8. Temple Dancer (Leigh)
  9. Regimental Youngsters (Fucik)
  10. Shoot The Chutes Galop (Alexander)
  11. Bolero (Ravel)
  12. Castles In Spain (Ancliffe)
  13. Peter Gunn Theme (Mancini)
  14. Abdallah (King)
  15. Quando, Quando, Quando (Renis)
  16. Royal Decree (English)
  17. Sheik Of Araby (Smith/Wheeler/Snyder)
  18. Nazir Grotto (King) Sounds of The Circus
  19. Shangri-La (Malneck/Maxwell)
  20. Cyrus The Great (King)
  21. Pink Panther (Mancini)
  22. Caravan Club (King)
  23. Star Of India (Bratton)
  24. Pan American (King)

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