1. Greatest Show On Earth (Young)
  2. Sing A Happy Song (Sullivan)
  3. Lovely Luawana Lady (John Ringling North)
  4. Be A Jumping Jack (Young)
  5. A Picnic In The Park (Anderson/Sullivan)
  6. Dream Lover (Schertzinger)
  7. The Elephants (Young)
  8. Popcorn And Lemonade (Sullivan)
  9. Razzazza Mazzazza (Pryor)
  10. Arena (Merrick)
  11. Watermelon Club (Lampe)
  12. Lady Of Spain (Evans)
  13. Salute To Alexander (English)
  14. On A Slow Boat To China (Loesser)
  15. Carnival Queen (Jewell)

Available through order form mail order from Whitmarsh Recordings.

Sounds of The Circus