1. The Elephants (Young)
  2. Old Circus Band (Jewell)
  3. Circusdom (Jewell)
  4. Salute to the Stars and Stripes (Huff)
  5. Girl of Eagle Ranch (English)
  6. Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Friend/Franklin)
  7. Royal Decree (English)
  8. Colossus of Columbia (Alexander)
  9. Robinson's Grand Entrée (King)
  10. Bravura (Duble)
  11. Quality Plus (Jewell)
  12. March of the Slide Trombones (Scott)
  13. Trombone King (King)
  14. Hosts of Freedom (King)
  15. Radio Waves (Jewell)
  16. Trouping Days (King)
  17. A Night in June (King)
  18. E Pluribus Unum (Jewell)
  19. Baby Elephant Walk (Mancini)
  20. Purple Carnival (Alford)
  21. Olympia Hippodrome (Alexander)
  22. Robbins Bros. Triumphal (Gilson)
  23. Nights of Gladness (Aucliffe)
  24. Huntress (King)
  25. Abdallah (King)
  26. Java (Friday/Toussaint/Tyler)
  27. Algeria (King)
  28. Battle of the Winds (Duble)
  29. Gloria (Losey)
  30. Balloonograph (Eisenberg)
  31. On the Square (Panella)

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Sounds of The Circus