1. Con Celerita Galop (Richards)
  2. Thunderbolt Galop (Huffer)
  3. Whip and Spur Galop (Allen)
  4. Go Galop (Huff)
  5. Rose Ballet Dance Galop (Chambers)
  6. Steeplechase Galop (Alexander)
  7. Prestissimo Galop (King)
  8. Eclipse Galop (King)
  9. Mile-A-Minute Galop (English)
  10. They're Off Galop (Jewell)
  11. Zip Boom Galop (Duble)
  12. Comedian's Galop (Kabaleysky)
  13. Long Run Galop (Weidt)
  14. Meteor Galop (Richards)
  15. Winter Sports Galop (Holmes)
  16. Speedway Galop (Richards)
  17. Sunshine Galop (King)
  18. Double Time Galop (Briegel)
  19. Visalia Galop (Richards)
  20. Fire Jump Galop (Evans)
  21. Circus Echoes Galop (Hughes)
  22. Majestic Galop (King)
  23. Bastinado Galop (Alexander)
  24. Excelsior Galop (King)
  25. Shoot The Chutes Galop (Alexander)
  26. Homestretch Galop (King)
  27. Emporia Galop (King)
  28. Galop-Go (Jewell)
  29. Big Cage Galop (King)

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Sounds of The Circus