1. Impossible (John Ringling North)
  2. On Honolulu Bay (John Ringling North)
  3. Paris (John Ringling North)
  4. I'm Flyin' High (Rudy Bundy)
  5. Weary Nights (Rudy Bundy)
  6. When I'm All Alone (Rudy Bundy)
  7. My Goodbye (Rudy Bundy)
  8. Thrill (Rudy Bundy)
  9. El Relicario (Padilla)
  10. Wind Jammers (Miller)
  11. Oleika Temple (Storm)
  12. A Wild Goose Chase (arr. Schilling)
  13. Blue Danube Waltz (Strauss)
  14. Cinderella's Carriage March (Richards)
  15. Comedy Tonight (Sondheim)
  16. Put On A Happy Face (Strouse)
  17. Bombardment (Vandercook)

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Sounds of The Circus