1. Ringling Band March (Lake)
  2. Czardas (Monti)
  3. Riding Tiger (Pruyn)
  4. March Of The Mogul Emperors (Elgar)
  5. Arriba Espaņa (Rixner)
  6. Circus World (Tiomkin)
  7. Keystone Kapers (Svarda)
  8. A Cyclone In Darktown (Barnard)
  9. Ching-Da-Ra-Sa (Wilson/Frey)
  10. United Press March (LaValle)
  11. By The Beautiful Sea (Carroll)
  12. Wild Fire Galop (English)
  13. Skip-Rope Dance (arr. Schilling)
  14. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee (Gilbert/Muir)
  15. Strictly Circus (Coleman)
  16. Theme From Ice Castles (Hamlisch)
  17. Merle Evans Triumphal (Mayhill)

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Sounds of The Circus