1. Fanfare (Evans)
  2. Ringling Bros Grand Entry (Sweet)
  3. Maltese Melody (Kaempfert)
  4. Burr's Triumphal (Alexander)
  5. Gallito (Lope)
  6. Cyrus The Great (King)
  7. Circus Bee (Fillmore)
  8. Walking Frog (King)
  9. Royal Decree (English)
  10. El Condor Pasa (Robles)
  11. Robinson's Grand Entry (King)
  12. Invictus (King)
  13. Watch What Happens (Legrand)
  14. Windjammers Unlimited (Harper)
  15. Olympia Hippodrome (Alexander)
  16. Hoop-Dee-Doo (DeLugg)
  17. Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)
  18. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite (King)

Available through order form mail order from Whitmarsh Recordings.

Sounds of The Circus