1. Inferno (Henniger)
  2. Bull Trombone (Fillmore)
  3. Minstrel Days (Holmes)
  4. Prince Imperial (Sanglear)
  5. Battle of the Winds (Duble)
  6. Wyoming Days (King)
  7. Tripoli Temple (Barnhouse)
  8. Salute to the Stars and Stripes (Huff)
  9. Rainbow Division (Nirella)
  10. Arabola (Hendrix)
  11. Baltimore's Boast (Alexander)
  12. Al G. Barnes Grand Entree (Post)
  13. Fredella (Evans)
  14. Ung-Kung-Foy-Ya (King)
  15. Show World (Richards)
  16. Temptar (Wise)

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Sounds of The Circus